Anger is an ancient hormonally-mediated response to situations which are dangerous to life. Our ancestors needed to escape from attacks by foes or wild animals and yet had to expose themselves in dangerous situations to hunt food and increase their territory. Today, it serves a positive purpose in the short-term e.g. escape from a burning building or conversely, fighting a fire, but too many of us become angry at situations which are just irritating or frustrating. In these instances, the extended release of adrenaline, the ‘fight-or-flight’ hormone, can harm the cardiovascular system, interrupt sleep and affect concentration because these situations never go away. Anger Management techniques can help here.

Interestingly, in our modern society, where we are taught to subdue anger , because we cannot rid ourself of, or flee from, the cause of the response, we tend to stay on hyper-alert, becoming increasingly frustrated and irritable. This results in a negative affect on our relationships, work, rest and play.

Anger is under the control of the subconscious and therefore responds very well to hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapists can use regression therapy to discover whether there was a key incident which gave rise to the initial unreasonable angry response although frequently the irrational response has been learned and compounded over a period of time and has become consciously difficult to control.

Anger is always associated with emotional release,  like smoking, which is another irrational behaviour, as it is perceived that it relieves stress. A hypnotherapy session involves deep relaxation, which is calming and de-stressing in itself, and allows the client to enter a trance state of consciousness. When hypnotised, the therapist can talk to the subconscious  to convince it that such an unreasonable response to an irritating or disturbing situation is not necessary and is actually doing harm and that a positive, calm, rational, reasonable response is more welcome and appropriate.

Recognising an anger management issue is the most positive first step and contacting a hypnotherapist to work with you to control your irrational angry outbursts could be a very positive second step.

From our base in the Humber region, Release Your Potential therapists can help with anger management in East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire.