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‘How Hypnotherapy helped me conquer fear of horse riding’

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Story from the Hull Daily Mail. When keen horse rider Rachel Reed began to fear the animals she had always loved, she turned to hypnotherapy for help, writes Sophie Kitching. It was a hobby she loved. But fear began to ruin Rachel Reed’s enjoyment of horse riding, affecting her confidence badly. Worried her anxiety would […]

Hypnotherapy Cured my Chocoholism

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Grandmother Maureen Leach could not get through the day without a slice of cake after every meal, several bars of chocolate in the evening and biscuits with every cup of tea.At just under 5ft, she was a size 18, weighed nearly 12st and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. She also had dangerously high blood […]

Rugby Super League star helped by Sports Hypnotherapy

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Rugby League star Peter Fox has no problem playing in front of thousands of people each week, but he needed hypnosis to calm his nerves before tackling his first public speaking engagement. The Wakefield Wildcats and ex-England winger wanted to help his girlfriend’s nutrition business and accepted an invitation to speak to a Hull audience […]