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by Linda

My definition of mindfulness is ‘non-judgmental acceptance of the here and now’; it’s a word coined to describe living for the moment in the moment, no matter how bad that moment is. That’s because what we do at any one moment in time has an effect on future moments, but what we did in the […]

Fears and Phobias don’t have to stop you getting on with your life.

by Linda

Almost everyone has a slight fear about something, if they choose to admit it! Whether it be mice, spiders, dentists or fear of flying, the thought of having to somehow engage with the source of that fear can cause a mild case of anxiety. But sometimes that fear can be so extreme that it affects […]

Subconscious drivers can control your life.

by Linda

90% of what we do is subconsciously driven – which means that only 10% of what we do is by conscious decision. Don’t believe me? Well, consider this! Whilst I am typing this, I am deciding consciously what words I am going to write. But how I move my fingers around the key-board and where […]

Sleep – why you need it!

by Linda

Sleep! I need it, you need it. All animals need to sleep – even though being in an unconscious state could compromise safety. Why is sleep so important? Why is sleep a need, a must have? During sleep, the conscious mind is switched off; it therefore looks as if there are certain functions which the […]

Pass your Driving Test with Relaxation and Hypnotherapy

by Linda

Relaxation and hypnotherapy can be the secret to pass your driving test! In 2009, The Telegraph newspaper ran an article about a lady who had failed her driving test four times but on the fifth attempt did pass. The secret to her success? Learning relaxation and having hypnotherapy! AS a hypnotherapist, I was therefore pleased […]

Stress, anxiety and depression – managers deny sufferers time off work

by Linda

Stress, anxiety and depression are poorly understood by most managers. Recent research by AXA PPP Healthcare published in HR Review in the first week of April 2015 suggests that 2/3rds of managers do not think that stress, anxiety or depression warrant time off work i.e. they are not sympathetic to and do not understand mental […]

‘How Hypnotherapy helped me conquer fear of horse riding’

by admin

Story from the Hull Daily Mail. When keen horse rider Rachel Reed began to fear the animals she had always loved, she turned to hypnotherapy for help, writes Sophie Kitching. It was a hobby she loved. But fear began to ruin Rachel Reed’s enjoyment of horse riding, affecting her confidence badly. Worried her anxiety would […]

How to get fit without even trying!

by Linda

Being fit means having stamina, muscular strength and flexibility; it also means having a low visceral fat level. It is easy to become unfit – fitness has to be worked on and practiced – so here are my tips for helping you to get fit without going to the gym or hitting the streets. 1) […]

Positive thinking matters!

by Linda

Are you a positive person? Are you perceived as a ‘can do’ person who never sees anything life throws at you as a problem? Do you stay calm and positive even when all about you are losing their heads (to quote Rudyard Kipling). Or do you blow hot and cold? One minute you are promising […]

Saturated fat – hero or villain?

by Linda

Is saturated fat good for us or not? Is it really the villain it has been made out to be. There is a lot of fuss today concerning Governmental advice about dietary fat consumption. At the moment, it is recommended that 30% of our calories come from fats, 10% of that from saturated fat. Yet […]