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by Linda

My definition of mindfulness is ‘non-judgmental acceptance of the here and now’; it’s a word coined to describe living for the moment in the moment, no matter how bad that moment is. That’s because what we do at any one moment in time has an effect on future moments, but what we did in the […]

Positive thinking matters!

by Linda

Are you a positive person? Are you perceived as a ‘can do’ person who never sees anything life throws at you as a problem? Do you stay calm and positive even when all about you are losing their heads (to quote Rudyard Kipling). Or do you blow hot and cold? One minute you are promising […]

Don’t worry, be happy

by Linda

Do you remember the song ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy?’ It is very good advice! Do you worry about all sorts of things? Are you an anxious person? Do you find it difficult to be happy without concerns about the future? Do you find it difficult to have happy thoughts? It is easy to get in […]

Weight Loss Surgery or Hypnotherapy to lose weight?

by Linda

Are you considering weight loss surgery to help you control or lose your weight? Why not try hypnotherapy  instead? There are many advantages to using mind management techniques delivered under hypnosis rather than undergoing a major operation! But then not all hypnotherapists are the same – so how do you decide? Bariatric or gastric band […]

What Motivates You? How to get your motivation mojo back!

by Linda

Have you lost motivation? Do you know what motivates you? Have you ever wondered why some days you have lots of get-up-and-go whilst other days your get-up-and-go seems to have got-up-and went? Or why sometimes the impossible just seems like a barrier to success whilst on other days the impossible is, well, impossible? In the […]

Monthlies – is your monthly cycle getting you down?

by Linda

For some women, their ‘monthlies’ can be totally debilitating. Once a month, period pain sufferers have to take to their beds with a variety of pain-killers, hot water bottles and comfort food in a bid to feel relief. Sufferers liken the pain to that of child-birth but without the happy event at the end of […]

The Science of Hypnotherapy

by Linda

Do you believe that hypnotherapy is just mumbo-jumbo – something akin to mediumship or voodoo – or just a scam with no proof or scientific basis that it works? Well, ever since the mid-90’s there have been increasing numbers of controlled trials conducted by scientists which have shown that hypnotherapy really can create new neural […]

Keep those energy levels zinging!!!

by Linda

As we approach Christmas, we need to keep those energy levels right up there so we can get the most out of the excitement – late nights, parties, carol-singing, present-buying and wrapping and rich food! But there are ways in which can help to alleviate or reduce the after-effects of all this excess, so listen […]

Great oaks from little acorns grow!

by Linda

That mighty oak in the woods didn’t grow in a day or even a year – it has taken decades to become the beautiful creature it now is. And that is the same for humans. Our lives are long so we can develop and grow, start afresh when we need to, change direction when we […]

Rugby Super League star helped by Sports Hypnotherapy

by admin

Rugby League star Peter Fox has no problem playing in front of thousands of people each week, but he needed hypnosis to calm his nerves before tackling his first public speaking engagement. The Wakefield Wildcats and ex-England winger wanted to help his girlfriend’s nutrition business and accepted an invitation to speak to a Hull audience […]