Being fit means having stamina, muscular strength and flexibility; it also means having a low visceral fat level. It is easy to become unfit – fitness has to be worked on and practiced – so here are my tips for helping you to get fit without going to the gym or hitting the streets.

1) Get a fit ball. Sitting on a fit ball whilst working at a desk or watching TV engages and strengthens your core muscles i.e. all those muscles in your torso which keep you stable and are involved in almost every movement you make. Sitting on a fit ball instead of a chair can use up to over 100 calories a day.


2) Wear leg weights to strengthen your leg muscles and increase calorie burning. I wear mine around the house for about 1 hour every day to increase resistance to any movements I make, tone my legs and burn more calories as I go about my daily business. They can be worn when exercising and when out walking but they do put extra strain on bones and joints as well as muscles so perhaps leave them at home when jogging or running. Leg weights can increase calorie demand by up to 15%.

3) Wear wrist weights when out walking as they increase the load you are carrying and therefore, as your heart rate increases (same as wearing leg weights) so does your calorie-use. Wearing wrist weights can increase calorie-consumption from 5 – 15%.

4) Fidget, be on the move, shuffle in your seat, stand instead of sitting, dance around, dig the garden, do the ironing, vacuum up, clean the car, wash the windows, anything to use more calories!

5) Turn the heating down to make you shiver, which uses calories. Then jump up and down to get warm using even more calories.

6) Eat at least 0.8g protein for every kg of body weight every day with lots of different vegetables, the occasional piece of fruit, seeds, nuts and about 2 teaspoons of ‘healthy’ fat such as coconut oil. Eat little and often to keep a level blood sugar so you don’t feel hungry.

7) Stop eating all refined foods. They are designed to make profits for the food industry not to make you healthy!

8) Stretch your muscles at every opportunity. My Gran could still touch her toes until just before she died at the age of 98.