You’d be surprised at what hypnotherapy can achieve! Many negative and harmful behaviours have been learnt over the years and deposited into the subconscious, so when a trigger demands a response, the subconscious takes over and plays out that learnt behaviour. For example, you may have been on an flight when you experienced turbulence. Turbulence is quite normal and pilots are very used to dealing with it but other passengers’ responses to it scared you into believing you are in a dangerous situation. One of the functions of the subconscious is  to protect you from harm by initiating the ‘fight or flight’ reflex. This raises your blood pressure, releases adrenaline and causes you to either lash out or run. When you are in an aeroplane, there is nowhere to run, no-one to fight so you end up being very frightened, in a cold sweat with laboured breathing, which is furthermore exacerbated by the lower levels of oxygen in the air in the cabin. Next time you are in a plane and the same thing happens, you respond in the same way. After reinforcement of the learnt behaviour (or ‘script’) your subconscious convinces you into believing that planes are dangerous things and even going to an airport can bring on the panic attack. This unreasonable behaviour can prevent you from travelling on holiday or with your job and cause you untold difficulties – all because your subconscious thinks flying is dangerous and could harm you.

Hypnotherapy works by accessing the subconscious mind when hypnotised and retraining it so that your behaviour becomes more reasonable. No one can be hypnotised against their will, so the conscious mind has to want to effect change or else hypnotherapy will not work. But the 10% power of the conscious mind coupled with the 90% power of the unconscious mind is a very powerful tool for change.

Everyone was born with the confidence to trust the pilot of a flight. We were also born without any of the negative behaviours, responses and bad habits which can affect our lives. As a young child we weren’t addicted to cigarettes or drugs; we had no fears or phobias, aches and pains, anxieties or stresses; we weren’t overweight through comfort eating or drink too much; we were full of confidence and could relax. So the first thing a hypnotherapist will do is ensure you can relax completely and then work on your confidence to allow you to become the person you can be. Once relaxed and with regained self-confidence, you can remove those negative issues which are blighting your life, remove those cravings for food and cigarettes,  control those aches and pains, fears, phobias and bad habits and look forward to a new you. I will teach you ways of ensuring you remain that way and give you a personal CD to prevent negativity returning.

Therapy is very relaxing and as a bonus, leaves you looking and feeling wonderful! With hypnotherapy the barriers to getting on with your life are removed and you are able to Reach Your Potential.

NB. As with any therapy, success is not guaranteed. Results vary from person to person and although I use a variety of techniques which I consider are appropriate to any situation, this in no way implies or guarantees a cure of the said issues or problems. So saying that, clinical hypnotherapy has helped many, many cases but if I don’t think I can help or if I feel another therapist would be more suitable, I will say so.