You have suffered long enough so it is my intention to ensure you can get on with your life as soon as possible with the fewest number of hypnotherapy sessions possible.

Responses to hypnotherapy are usually far quicker than for other forms of therapy, such as counselling or psychotherapy. This is because hypnosis allows access to the subconscious so that the intervention can be accepted quickly; however, everyone is different and some may take more sessions than others. Many respond well to a single therapy session backed up with a personal CD which can be listened to on a daily basis to reinforce the change. The longer the time period and the greater the exposure to the therapy the quicker it becomes the norm. Just think of it like riding a bike – the more you ride the less likely you are to fall off and if you fall off, the quicker you get back on again and the more confident you are you won’t fall off. Learning to stay calm is the key to positive behavioural change; the more you practice the easier it becomes and the easier it becomes the more impressive the change.

Deep-seated behavioural changes do require more sessions e.g. smoking cessation and weight loss, both of which require 4 sessions after the initial free consultation.

The ‘Vitakode’ Smoking Cessation Programme  was developed in Norway and is NEW in the UK. It has a 91% success rate  –no actual or desire for cigarettes after 6 months in 9/10 clients! I am one of only a handful of hypnotherapists in the UK who are trained to deliver this programme. After the initial free consultation when we get to know each other, there are 4 very important active therapy sessions. Clients are supported with CDs to listen to and techniques to remove cravings during the programme. All clients are contacted regularly during their first 6 smoke-free months to ensure their smoke-free status is maintained.

If you are unhappy with your weight, shape or size, you can Think Yourself Thin! Using my programme to change your size, I programme your stomach to believe it has had a Gastric Band put around it so it will only accept small amounts of food at any one time. Sheila Granger, who developed this programme claims a 95% success rate of clients managing their weight successfully by using this method, which is now undergoing a randomised controlled clinical trials.  After an initial free consultation, 4 therapy sessions are usually all that you need for that new you, along with supporting CDs, dietary advice and follow-up.


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