Hypnotherapy can be a powerful tool in changing the way in which pain is perceived. The intensity of pain can often be reduced, sometimes significantly so. Operations have been carried out using only hypnotherapy to control  pain!

The first stage in controlling pain is to reduce the anxiety associated with it. Anticipation of pain can often be the main cause, so by controlling anxiety, pain can be a thing of the past. Controlling anxiety and the emotions associated with it are key to allowing you to get on with your life. Your subconscious mind can be reprogrammed to accept a new way of behaving no matter how long you have experienced debilitating and painful events.

Menstrual pain is caused by the hormones (prostaglandins) which are released to cause the uterus to contract; the resulting cramps can be  intense. Some women are so ill, suffering from headaches, nausea and total body aching that they have to take to their bed for several days every month. Providing there is no underlying medical condition which is causing severe menstrual pain, you can use hypnosis to create relief from cramping during your monthly cycle, giving you control over your body and helping you to relax and enjoy your femininity.


There have been many clinical trials showing positive results for the use of hypnotherapy in chronic pain – and it could work for you!  Just think of the things you could do if your pain could be relieved and you became more mobile!

I will teach you techniques to keep your aches and pains at bay long-term.

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