Relaxation and hypnotherapy can be the secret to pass your driving test! In 2009, The Telegraph newspaper ran an article about a lady who had failed her driving test four times but on the fifth attempt did pass. The secret to her success? Learning relaxation and having hypnotherapy! AS a hypnotherapist, I was therefore pleased to be approached by a driving school who asked me to produce a CD which their pupils could listen to before their driving tests to improve their chances of passing. This particular driving school, which is based in Scarborough, had used hypnotherapy as a tool to aid relaxation on a personal basis and understood the need to ensure the mind and body are working in relaxed harmony  to create the optimum chances of passing the test. They also understood that it’s positive thoughts and messages which keep nervousness at bay – start querying your ability or imagining the worst outcomes to a situation and your chances of success are scuppered!

Any exam can cause negative thinking and make you nervous. But it’s negative thinking which causes the release of stress hormones and it’s stress hormone which make you want to run away from the situation. It’s stress hormones which can cloud your thinking and ultimately  cause you to fail. Being relaxed stops your body producing stress hormones, it’s positive thinking which controls those nerves and its the two together which lead to those wonderful words ‘Congratulations, you have passed!’

The CD I have available for download on i-tunes  includes music and words to create the optimum environment in your mind and body so that when you take your driving test, you have the best chance of success. Sure, you have to know what you are doing, have practiced and have the support and encouragement of your driving school – but this is where you can help you make a difference. The last thing you will need will be good luck!


RYP Driving Test CD Label 0315