Are you finding yourself unable to progress in your life? Feeling stuck in a rut? Career going nowhere fast? Everything getting on top of you? Too much work and not enough play? Perhaps you would benefit from using a performance coach!

Performance Coaching gives you the tools to change your thinking, refocus your goals and intentions and improve your life. Coaching helps you to see the wood for the trees; looking at the reality of a situation from different perspectives can be enlightening in that new opportunities for growth can appear which may result in a change of strategy. There is more than one way to skin a cat, they say, but if you haven’t been able to work out what the benefit would be of skinning the cat in the first place then your strategy is flawed!

After many years in the pharmaceutical industry, I am convinced that wellness plays an enormous role in career-development – you can achieve incredible things if you are fit for the task. So I help you to look at your health and fitness, and, using the GROW model, coach you to make small changes to your lifestyle choices – nutrition, exercise, relaxation, resilience development – so that you are robust physically and mentally, now and into the future.

No-one knows what the future will bring but to move on it is vital to plan utilising your own strengths, abilities and expertise. Having a resource on hand to help you uncover your own natural talent to overcome obstacles and give you the confidence to adapt to meet challenges is a tried and tested way of helping you release your potential.


Linda coached me on several issues regarding my business and I was impressed with her insights and wide range of knowledge on numerous subjects. No only did she give me valuable tips for improving my health and reducing my stress level, but she also helped me shift my mindset around feeling overly responsible for my clients’ results.  Her guidance on mindfulness really helped me understand how to handle stress in my business work day as well as the ups and downs of personal and professional relationships. I would highly recommend her as a life coach.

– Jeannette Koczela, Founder/President, Int’l Assoc. of Professional Life Coaches