Public speaking can be terrifying! You could be the calmest, most confident person in the world and still be nervous about standing in front of even a handful of people to deliver a talk. Or you could have given talks to hundreds, even thousands of people many times, yet your subconscious for some reason can let you down, causing you to have a very real panic attack with palpitations, sweats, nausea and even pains in your chest which echo a heart attack.

Help is at hand! I have coached many people to deliver talks over the past 30 years, working on tone and intonation, speed of delivery, clarity, pronunciation (including overcoming issues with accents), developing rapport with the audience, breath control, eye contact, movement and developing confidence. It’s said that once you take to the floor you have only 7 seconds to make an impact, so I help you make the impact you want to make. Additionally, as a qualified hypnotherapist, I can work with you to relax, free you from possible phobia, build your confidence and install positive messages to enable you to appear totally professional.