Are you a positive person? Are you perceived as a ‘can do’ person who never sees anything life throws at you as a problem? Do you stay calm and positive even when all about you are losing their heads (to quote Rudyard Kipling). Or do you blow hot and cold? One minute you are promising yourself and everyone around you the earth, the next minute you are doubting your own ability? What causes this sudden lack of confidence? Why can the most bullish of people suddenly crumble? Well, it’s all to do with the way you think! Let the tiniest doubt into your mind and your autopilot, your subconscious, mind takes over. Because negative thinking causes the release of stress hormones which cause you to adopt behaviours for survival and safety rather than growth and excitement.

Doubt has contributed to the downturn. The Independent and other newspapers commented that stressed bankers had become more cautious with people’s money – their negative view of the global economy lead to curtailed investment, made them less likely to lend money to entrepreneurial ventures or support growth. Now that the world is a more positive place, we are climbing out of recession, loans are more available, investment in companies is increasing and unemployment is at its lowest level for 10 years. Negativity is bad for business, bad for our livelihoods and bad for our health. Positive thinking leads to optimism, which ultimately improves our lives and increases our lifespans.


Positive thinking reduces negative emotions and the speed of our brain waves which together prevent the release of stress hormones. Stress hormone release is an automatic, in-grained response to danger to allow us to run away from or fight an aggressor or freeze, like a rabbit caught in car headlights so that we can’t be seen by it. Unfortunately, our auto-pilot cannot distinguish between a physical stressor (such as an attacking dog) or psychological stressor (such as the credit crunch) and it behaves in the same way in both situations. Then, because that psychological stressor does not go away, stress hormone release continues and we stay in a state of high alert, becoming more and more uptight and anxious and putting ourselves in danger of heart attack, stroke and type 2 diabetes. Thinking positively can save your life! Changing your mindset could be the most positive thing you have ever done!