Have you ever tried to stop smoking and failed? Deciding to stop smoking (smoking cessation), is a good thing, but actually managing to do it can be very difficult. Getting help to give up cigarettes can be a lottery, too. Medication, nicotine replacement therapy, counselling, electronic replica cigarettes, going ‘cold-turkey’ or just relying on pure will-power are options which are frequently  unsuccessful. This is because smoking is more than a habit, it’s more than an addiction; smoking is a very poor lifestyle choice. Smoking can cost you your health and your wealth; but it provides a crutch; an excuse to socialise with like-minded people – and to keep on smoking because they smoke; it gives you something to do with your hands and mouth; it provides you with an excuse that you will get fat if you smoke (you won’t!), it allows you to kid yourself that it relieves stress (it doesn’t – it actually creates stress), it makes you believe that you are addicted to nicotine so cannot do without a cigarette and most importantly, makes you think you need to smoke. Smoking is insidious; it is a learnt behaviour which benefits no-one but the manufacturer’s profits.

Vitakode Smoking Cessation Programme

I am one of the few UK Hypnotherapists trained in the Vitakode Smoking Cessation Programme. Developed and tested in Norway by renowned practitioner, Ronnie Hansen, the Vitakode 4-week programme recognises the difficulties you could experience in wanting to become smoke-free and addresses them one at a time to maximise the success rate. 91% of the followers of this programme are smoke-free 6 month’s after the hypnotherapy – it is more successful than many other smoking cessation programmes, including those provided by the NHS. Compare the cost of the Vitakode Programme (£395.00) to the price of cigarettes and the cost to your health and this programme represents investment  in you and your new smoke-free life!

So why does the Vitakode Smoking Cessation Programme work so well?  The unconscious mind associates happy feelings with activities or events which you are taking part in. When you have a cigarette, the nicotine ‘hit’ immediately relaxes you, giving you a positive feeling. Over a period of time, the unconscious mind associates relaxation with cigarettes – which is why many people smoke only on social occasions; they want to feel even more relaxed and happy so they smoke a cigarette. The craving for relaxation then becomes a craving for the nicotine ‘hit’ provided by the cigarette.

Smokers are convinced that cravings are due to lack of nicotine in their system, but the effects of nicotine are short-lived (gone within 24 hours). Cravings are caused by other chemicals within the cigarettes which increasingly cause stress to the body.  The response is to have another cigarette to access nicotine to reduce the stress, to make them feel instantly relaxed, which increases the level of noxious chemicals in the body which cause stress. It is a vicious circle! This is all mediated by the subconscious mind, which, unfortunately has no way of knowing that cigarettes are bad for you; the association for the unconscious mind is that smoking is relaxing. And the longer you smoke, the harder it is to break that connection.

Working with the subconscious mind through hypnotherapy is a very powerful way to break that cycle. With positive messages,  homework, practical ways to reduce cravings, the active participation of the conscious mind (will power) and personal CDs, the Vitakode Smoking Cessation Programme offers you the best chance you have ever had a becoming smoke-free.

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