Stress management – train your managers how to deal with employee stress with Performance Management through Innovative Training and Coaching – ensure your staff achieve their full potential and your company performs to expectations.

By educating your management and staff to recognise and deal with stress proactively, absences and presenteeism can be significantly reduced. Stress has been shown to cost British business around £3.7bn a year, that’s £1,035 per employee per year in lost productivity off your bottom line. That’s because stress can affect physical and emotional as well as mental responses yet training as to the cause of stress and how to handle it can significantly reduce its impact.

Release Your Potential Training Courses include:-

  • Stress Management Training for Managers
  • Stress and Anxiety Awareness for all Staff
  • Nutrition and Exercise for Health and Well-being
  • Developing Resilience
  • Keeping a Stress Diary

1-2-1 Interventions are for individuals identified as benefitting from therapy or coaching to alleviate the symptoms of excess stress, whether real or perceived, which may be affecting their ability to work to their optimum capacity or may be keeping them away from the work-place. Many companies already provide such sessions for staff suffering from anxiety to reduce cost for both employee and employer.

About your trainer –

Linda Johnson is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Member of the International Stress Management Association, a volunteer therapist for Anxiety UK and a life coach.. She has a Biomedical Science background, a degree in Business Studies and an MBA in Individual Management Development. She has worked in the NHS and at many levels in the pharmaceutical industry and has vast experience of dealing with pressurised staff and challenging family circumstances. Her interests centre on well-being (good nutrition and keeping fit) and self-development, including spiritual growth.