Stress costs British business £3.7bn in 2012, according to Business Matters magazine; 10.4 million people are affected and off work with stress or anxiety every year; stress is taking over as the No. 1 reason for people being off work. Stress could be costing you and your business more than just money.

Stress is a fact of life – we need a certain amount of stress to function. But too much stress could be life-threatening. Some people can handle significant amounts of stress but others are not so resilient.

Stress Management Training Courses

Introduction to Stress Management (half day)

The introductory, interactive course for staff of all levels is designed to inform your staff as to what stress is, why too much stress can be dangerous and what can be done to manage pressure. A variety of tools are employed to increase understanding of the way stress can affect the whole body and therefore, importantly, techniques are taught to help reduce personal and work-based stress – relaxation, mindfulness, healthy eating and exercise – which can together help ensure you and your staff remain fit, confident and energised to contribute fully to work, as well as to their social and family life.

Participation as a company in stress training will enable all levels to handle stress so they can remain in control as pressure increases. Individuals will be enabled to identify the situations which cause their stress levels to rise, and given tools and techniques so they can learn to relax quickly in order to function to meet the demands of the task in hand and achieve optimum results.

9.30 Coffee on arrival, registration
10.00 Introductions, Housekeeping, Aims and Outcomes.
10.05 What is stress? Definitions. Biology of stress, short- and long-term effects on the body and mind.
10.45 Areas of work which can cause stress (HSE Guidelines)
11.30 Coffee
11.45 Changing perceptions and attitudes towards stress; putting things into perspective; positive thinking; reframing of identified problems
12.00 How to control stress – lifestyle choices e.g. diet, exercise, mindfulness, relaxation, keep a stress diary. Positive thinking. Role of alpha waves in switching off stress hormone release.
12.45 What changes can you make to reduce your stress levels? Goals and Intentions.
13.00 Summary and Close

Stress Management for Managers (half day)

This short course provides a useful overview of the current legislation regarding stress and possible changes to the Mental Health Act in 2013 and tools freely available from the HSE and CIPD to managers which measure their ability to deal with stress and stressed staff. It will also give managers the opportunity to discuss ways in which stress can be identified and to develop a personal action plan to manage their personal stress.

14.00 Role of Management in controlling and managing stress in the work-place; employer liability and statutory provisions
14.15 Signs and symptoms of employee stress
14.30 HSE & CIPD Guidelines and questionnaire
15.30 Tea
15.45 Feedback on Guidelines. Management style, strategies for handling workplace stress, available resources, work-loads, communication etc
16.45 Personal action plan; goals and Intentions
17.00 Summary and Close

1-2-1 Coaching

1-2-1 coaching can identify specific personal stressors and provide individualised plans to increase productivity and reduce presenteeism.