90% of what we do is subconsciously driven – which means that only 10% of what we do is by conscious decision. Don’t believe me? Well, consider this!

Whilst I am typing this, I am deciding consciously what words I am going to write. But how I move my fingers around the key-board and where the initiative and the energy comes from to make them move is beyond me! I know it involves complicated chemical equations way beyond my comprehension – in fact the way my body works is a complete mystery. All I know is that most of the time, it works pretty well, but how it does it is controlled by the brain – by the subconscious.

The subconscious is there to keep us alive. Without a body, the subconscious cannot exist, so it will do everything it can to keep us out of danger. Problem is, sometimes the way it does it is rather strange – because the subconscious is not logical and has no sense of humour.

How many people do you know who cannot go on holiday because they have a fear of flying? Every time they try to get onto an airplane they have a panic attack? That’s because their ¬†subconscious will not let them get onto the plane because it thinks that the plane will fall out of the sky and ¬†they will die, so it will not exist anymore. Fear of flying is fear of crashing – yet the chances of an aeroplane crashing is very small. Which is why hypnotherapy can help reassure the subconscious that flying is safe.

The subconscious can also keep you fat. Even though it is not good to be overweight – it can lead to stroke and heart attacks, type 2 diabetes, put strain on your joints – if you start restricting the food you give your body, it can rebel and make you crave sugary, fatty food even more. Which is why hypnotherapy can be so helpful if you want to lose weight. Working with the subconscious to bring it in line with your conscious mind can make such a difference!

Just think – 10% conscious want plus 90% subconscious need equals 100% control. Why not give hypnotherapy a go next time you want to achieve something?