I am very grateful for the following testimonials provided by my clients:

Hello Linda,
Thank you so much for your visit yesterday.
I felt so much more positive and more capable after seeing you and I thank you for that.
I have just used your CD which succeeded in making me feel very relaxed – I am surprised at just how relaxed I feel.  I now feel energised and ready to do the things I need to do.
Kind regards
Elaine C. (Beverley)

Everyone should listen to Linda’s relaxation CD when they come in from work!
Simon H (Hull)

I was very impressed with the relaxation CD – very professional – and I felt good after listening to it; invigorated, yet relaxed. The following day I felt quite lively – I am not normally like that! I have told quite a lot of people about it. Linda has helped with my insomnia and disturbed sleep, for which I am very grateful.
Margaret R. (Cherry Burton)

When I first heard about the virtual gastric band it seemed a bit too good to be true, but then again what had I got to lose. Nothing else had worked for me and if my stomach was smaller I wouldn’t have to try to fill it all the time.
I got in contact with Linda and she came and did an introductory meeting with me. We talked through what I wanted to come out of the experience and the rules. I was given a CD to begin treatment to help me to become hypnotised easier in the future. This was incredibly relaxing and I would get disappointed when it came time to come back from my ‘special space’.
Linda then moved the sessions on and built a therapy session that was unique to me. She used what she knew would get my subconscious to listen. It was a relaxing experience but one that had an effect. Once I was brought back round I was happy and relaxed but still had some apprehension that it would actually work.
Tea time came and I prepared a meal that I would normally have no problem in eating with space for pudding and snacks after. I was wrong to be apprehensive as I could only eat half (if that) of what I had made. I did not snack either it was a brilliant feeling that the bottomless pit had been filled.
I have full confidence in Linda and her treatment and I look forward to the results that it will bring.
Jo C (Beverley)

I listen to Linda’s relaxation CD sometimes twice a day. I feel much less stressed and better in myself. After the initial therapy session I slept for up to 7 hours and although this has now reduced to about 5, it is much more sleep than I got before.
Anne U (Pocklington)

Linda’s Gastric Band Hypnotherapy programme is wonderful. I have lost two and a half stones, dropped 2 dress sizes and have so much energy. My blood sugar which was 19 is now down to 4. She has taught me how to eat well, what to eat when and how to incorporate exercise into my day. My husband has also lost weight! When I found her web page I prayed to God that I had picked the right person and I have. I can’t recommend her highly enough.
Maureen L (Bridlington)

Linda helped me overcome my fear of flying. Both flights were terrific. I listened to the CD in the car on the way to the airport and was completely calm at the airport even with a slight delay. I had a few butterflies on take off, but controlled myself with positive thoughts and breathing and as soon as I was able to, I listened to the CD again, which lasted most of the journey. The landing was perfect and I felt elated when I got off.
I did the same on the journey back, and even coped with the slightly choppy landing that we were warned about, I just took myself into my stable and mentally groomed the horse until I felt the wheels touch down.
Your hypnotherapy definitely helped and I feel extremely positive about how to cope with my future flights. I will continue to listen to your CD’s and reinforce the advice you gave me.
Many thanks for all your help and support,
Helen (Home-on-Spalding-Moor).

I tried the CD and was amazed at how relaxed I became. I thought I was listening to it for 10 minutes when it finished and of course it was over 30 minutes. Amazing!
Chris P. (Hessle)

I feel so motivated and relaxed after coming to see you! It must be an amazing feeling being able to help so many people in this way.
Maureen C (South Cave)

Hypnotherapy weight loss testimonial from a former client

Linda coached me on several issues regarding my business and I was impressed with her insights and wide range of knowledge on numerous subjects. No only did she give me valuable tips for improving my health and reducing my stress level, but she also helped me shift my mindset around feeling overly responsible for my clients’ results.  Her guidance on mindfulness really helped me understand how to handle stress in my business work day as well as the ups and downs of personal and professional relationships. I would highly recommend her as a life coach.
– Jeannette Koczela, Founder/President, Int’l Assoc. of Professional Life Coaches

I couldn’t walk through woods with trees and bushes brushing against my head and legs in case a spider was there. After just one session I walked with the dog wearing a skirt past bushes and trees with insects, spiders and all sorts and it didn’t even bother me.
– Sinead H, Driffield

Rachel and Wolfie
I just thought I would let you know that Wolfie and I came first out of a field of 13, so I couldn’t be happier. It was a challenge for me; the first test I was quite tense but I had done some visualisation and relaxation and the end result was better than I could have even imagined.
– Rachel R and Wolfie, Pocklington

I just wanted to say thank you for my CD. It has helped me realise a lot and focused my energy on what I need in life. – Lisa G. East Yorkshire