Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Programme

Traditional ‘diet’ regimes are successful whilst you are following them – but when you go back to eating normally, the weight usually goes back on! The word ‘back’ is the clue as to why! It’s because you go back to old habits, go back to eating foods which are not doing your body any good, go back to turning excess food into fat. If you move forward, never going ‘back’ then you are unlikely to return to how you were before – it is mental preparation and mental attitude which hypnotherapy for weight loss provides.

So how does this programme work?

The most successful weight loss programmes are those where people have been fitted surgically with a bariatric (gastric) band. This is a major operation, which is not without risk. Once a band has been fitted to the stomach, it has a massively reduced capacity for food so you can only physically eat small amounts.
To completely reduce the risks of an operation, under hypnosis, your mind is convinced it has had a gastric band fitted – it has a virtual gastric band – and can therefore accept only small amounts of food. It sends signals to your brain to stop eating much, much sooner than if your stomach did not have a gastric band around it. By eating less, you will start to use up your fat reserves and lose weight, just the same as if your band was real.

Because you now are eating smaller meals only 3 times a day, the food you eat has to be top quality to ensure you get all the nourishment and nutrients you need. You therefore should only eat good quality protein, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds and unsaturated fats. If you are full on these ‘good-for-you-foods’ it is easy to avoid complex carbohydrates and sugary drinks foods, foods made from a combination of carbohydrates such as bread, cakes and biscuits and saturated and transfats.

Eating food with a single ingredient in its rawest state is very healthy and it helps maintain an even blood sugar level which in turn helps prevent hunger pangs. If you do feel hungry, then water, or a handful of nuts and seeds, or a piece of fruit, will soon put them at bay until your next mealtime.
There are two more very important parts to this programme – relaxation to reduce stress (which is often the reason why we over-eat) and exercise to increase mobility and improve muscle tone.

This programme is all about moving forward – it will help prevent heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer. It will teach you to relax and increase your fitness levels. It will ensure you are the appropriate weight for your height and build. It is not a diet – it is a way of life to secure your future health and well-being. Contact me to find out about it today!

We are able to offer the Virtual Gastric Band programme to clients in Hull, Beverley, Driffield, Bridlington, Pocklington and the East Yorkshire region.

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