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Want to lose weight safely and permanently? Been on several weight loss diets? Many diets fail because they are just that – a diet. The Virtual Gastric Band PLUS Programme allows you to lose all your excess weight and keep it off!

Diets to lose weight usually restrict not only the amount of food you eat but the types of food you eat. You have to count calories, carbs or points, decide whether foods are ‘red’ or ‘green’ or whether they are protein or fat. Other diets have you mixing ‘shakes’ which replace real meals once or twice a day. Some diets ‘allow’ you to  eat at only certain times of the day, insist you weigh your food on special scales or are complicated by ‘rewards’ or ‘treats’  if you have done something ‘good’ like taking  a walk around the block. Most diets to lose weight end up with the follower fixated on food so that when you go back to eating ‘normally’, the weight you have lost usually goes straight back on because there has been no change in thinking about food, nutrition and diet.

My Virtual Gastric Band PLUS Programme

My Virtual Gastric Band PLUS Programme works on 3 levels.

1) It retrains your brain to act on the ‘stop eating’ signals from your stomach  telling you when it is full. You learn to listen to your stomach so that you stop putting more food into it than it wants or needs. At the same time, you learn to listen to your body rather than your head so that you eat ONLY when you are hungry, rather than when your head says it needs feeding. You also learn to choose the most nutritious food for your body so it performs optimally. Basically, you relearn how to ensure you stop treating your body like a dustbin!

Under hypnosis, the subconscious is tricked into believing you have had a bariatric (gastric) band fitted around the top of your stomach so you can only eat small amounts of food before you are full. You have to chew your food 15-20 times before swallowing it so that it can get through this virtual pouch and pay attention to signals from your stomach telling you to stop eating.

Just using hypnotherapy alone, this programme has been shown to be 86% effective whether you want to lose a few lbs or a few stones. This programme delivers MORE than just hypnosis!

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2) By  exercising you will become fitter and more toned. Exercise releases feel-good endorphins which make you feel great, too. Increasing aerobic exercise needs to be matched with anaerobic exercise to get the most benefit – I have some great moves which will maximise fat-burning!


3) Your  stomach is re-educated to expect less volume but more healthy food. With a life-long interest in nutrition I  will give you dietary information and advice which will help you have more energy so you can do more with your life! What’s more, you will  learn to enjoy your meals, experiencing flavours, textures and enticing smells which you have not noticed in the past. There are 2 additional MIND MANAGEMENT techniques I teach you which will help you control the amount and the type of food you put in your mouth. This is a long-term solution to weight control.




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